One quarter

Dear dear Roo,

One quarter of a year today our friendship became one of THE most exciting relationships in the hundred acre woods. I’m sure our friends talk about us all the time because we spend so much time together. This makes me smile, do a jig, and laugh aloud. I do so love to laugh with you Roo. In fact, you are the one person who can lift me out of my darkly dark moods when no one else can.

It is RAINING today, and I know that your back doesn’t like the cold, but it IS a good excuse to ask your best piglet pal for a massage, don’t you think? The rain, which I adore, is also a good excuse to reflect moodily on the past four months of our incredible friendship. It’s a good day to be just a tad sentimental, don’t you think?

I for one am going to be thinking back to one of our first deep chats, the one on the settee when you offered me refreshment on the hottest of days; the one that quickly convinced me that you were one special kangaroo. Many such chats have come and gone, and each one confirms the fact that I need you in my life. I simply love life with you in it. In fact, you have become my bestest besty-best friend, and for this I will always be grateful.

I’m not sure if you know it or not, Roo, but you have single-handedly made me the happiest piglet in the entire woodsy world. Dare I tell you that I love you? Are you blushing? Do roos blush?



There has been one amazing day after another, starting with your birthday. I now firmly believe that you are a magic marsupial, because everything we do together is super fantastic and wonderfully great.

Can we please be friends forever and a day?


Dearest Roo,

Aren’t you in the mood for a party? It seems like the perfect time to bring the hundred acre wood alive with a celebration, doesn’t it? Are you free this Friday? We could start off in the morning with a tall glass of blueberry juice and a fresh stalk of celery for stirring (despite the contrast of the favors, it’s really quite yummy). Then we could meander a bit, catch up, and plan some grand adventures. Do you think you could bring your unicycle? You are free, aren’t you?

Later, we could catch up with some dear ones and sample the new berries on that tall tree that came originally from another land. I have researched it a bit and know for certain that the berries are safe to eat. I read that their flavor is quite unique; which is perfect for such a day, don’t you think? Of course we will have to climb the tree, and since you are so much better at this than I am, I will require a boost and some supervision (pretty please?).

Roo, I must get on with the day. My bicycle needs new tires, and Tigger is expecting me for lunch. I do so hope Eeyore will wander by and join us.

Do let me know about Friday, won’t you?



It’s Wednesday, it’s Wednesday, it’s Wednesday! Oh, hi. Sorry. I got a little bit carried away since there are only two more days left until our grand adventure, and I can hardly wait. It has been such a long time since we have been able to putter around the woods without too many concerns, and I am so looking forward to this unfettered time with you.

Seeing our faces covered in blueberry juice will make us both point and laugh at each other, and I’m sure we will eventually have to jump into the creek near the old windmill to get clean again. You won’t splash me, will you? Tee hee, I am such a silly Piglette today, of course you will, and I will dunk you in return–several times.

Roo, I could write to you for hours, but leisure will not be ours later unless I follow up on my responsibilities today so for now I bid you adieu, but only ever-so-briefly my lovely friend.

Yours in excited anticipation,

Your bestest, besty-best friend Piglette

Rain and berries

Good day Roo,

Our days have been so full of life and its details that I have not had my usual contemplative moments. Sometimes I start one thought only to finish it with another, and this can be very discombobulating, to say the least.

It was quite glorious to spend a bit of time with you recently for many reasons, but one stands out: I am always clear-minded in your presence. Absolutely everything makes sense when we are together. Can’t you come and live next door, or perhaps convince the grumpy squirrel next door to move out so that I can come and live in the treehouse? I would love that, and I would invite you to nap there with me every afternoon. Wouldn’t that be glorious?

Roo, you know that I am happiest when I choose to be happy, and that I am grateful for all the most wonderful of wonderful creatures and activities in my life, but the past week or so has had a sense of urgency to it, as if I am supposed to be moving forward more quickly than I am. Such a strange feeling this is–dare I name it impatience again? I abhor my own foibles. Can’t I eradicate every negative thing simply by smiling and with long slow walks in the woods with you?

Oh perhaps I just need to do my laundry, pay the villagers what I owe them, and clean up all the little messes I’ve been making along my hurried way. This might give me clarity, and I might just find some peace by not having to search for things so many times.

I have youngins (even younger than us Roo!) here today and they are getting restless and hungry. I should probably go an rustle up some berries and cream. Want to come have some with us? We could sit and eat them in the rain…


Dear Roo,

I am a bit distressed today. My pile of things needing doing has overtaken every bit of me. Just when I start one thing, there is another begging for attention. I do so wish I had a few of me who could work independently to accomplish all this work in mere moments. With this kind of assistance, I would be able to spend much more time meandering with you in our woods. Even saying these words pulls at my heart, as I am missing you terribly today.

If you and I were together I know that I could tell you everything on my mind and you would help me put things in proper perspective. You are so good at helping me to see clearly when I am muddled.

Oh there is so much I want to tell you, but the words seem to be stuck in my brain. I am so very grateful for our friendship, Roo, and I hope that we can be together soon. Just seeing your face would be enough to help me breathe a bit easier.

Til we meet again, I remain your adoring Piglette!


Dearest Roo,

Today I want to talk about love, and I need an audience; well, an audience of one if you don’t mind indulging me. You do know how I like to wax sentimental.

It occurs to me that from the second we are born, we demand love, crave it so much that we cry and scream if we do not get it in the ways required: milk, food, soothing words, attention, shelter from extreme temperatures, and touch–all forms of love. It is not only animals who require that their basic needs be met, I am told that even humans are this way.

Later, when we have begun to pull away from our parents, we crave a deeper love, the kind that simultaneously crushes and expands the heart, that opens our eyes to a kind of bliss not seen or felt before (except, perhaps, before before-you know, prior to our physical life). Even children can feel such power beckoning. It is so natural that they don’t even question it. Imagine chasing a butterfly for hours, without fear of ridicule, without worrying about the passing of time.

But it happens that we begin to grow up, and often we are fooled by other strong desires, needs even; some healthy, some not. We let ourselves be led astray, deceived, or worse yet, we settle, becoming complacent. Eventually, we shut down completely, at least on the inside. Other times we grab onto what we think we want, only to realize later that we are desperately unfulfilled.

Sometimes I think that Rabbit has experienced such disillusionment; he seems so very unhappy most days. Even Owl, for all his welcoming wisdom, seems a bit lonely. Did he ever have a special friend?

Why, Roo, as we grow older, do we think that our most intrinsic yearnings are not worth pursuing? Do you think that sometimes we get too old to dream big dreams? Do we become so practical that we forget to pursue everything that used to be crystal clear and worthy of our passion?

Can we make a few promises to each other, now that we are the bestest of friends? Will you promise (I will!) to help me never forget to fly? Will you remind me, (I will remind you too) when I get bogged down in the city, that it is time for the woods? And will you sing to me (I will also sing to you) if I lose my voice, or even if I just need to hear our love bouncing from note to note?

Oh thank you, Roo. I did so need to express myself today. I hope that I have not gone on too long about things you already know and understand. I do appreciate you my dear dear friend.

Be well…and don’t think for a second that I have forgotten that you are still coughing. I expect a full report later!


My Dearest Roo,

After fretting for several days over the fact that I could not be with you every waking moment to help you back into tip-top shape, today’s letter came as a great and welcome relief. You are better!

Now Roo, you know I must caution you to take it a bit easy. A light swim would be ok, but only if you can breathe easily while doing so. Surely a meandering stroll through the woods, with me of course, would also be positive. But if you’ve decided to tackle that rickety old pile of things in your back garden, I would have to advise against it. Overdoing it will only set you back.

You haven’t asked for my advice, but you know how I am, so here goes: drink lots of fluids (blueberry juice is a fine choice), eat healthful, enriching foods (Pooh’s honey toast is excellent, especially with a spot of cream), repeat positive mantras to yourself (“I am healthy, whole, and vibrant.”), and get your rest. This one bears repeating: get your rest, Roo.

Oh my thoughtful, intelligent, loving friend, I am so very grateful to hear that you are doing better. By the time you read this, I will have visited you, and we will have had a catch-up chat on your settee. Surely by the time you have read this note, we will have solved all the world’s problems and figured out a few weeks of activities to keep us busy.

I do so enjoy our friendship, Roo. Please take care of yourself in every way possible so that we can meander in our hundred acre woods for many years to come.

Yours forever,


Wishing and hoping

Dearest Roo,

Eeyore traveled all the way to my house today to let me know that you are sick. He is such a caring soul. My heart broke at this news, and had me wishing, once again, that we were neighbors. The distance between us will not keep me from trying to do one small thing to bring you comfort, it’s just that if you were right next door, I could check on you frequently, bring you cool cloths, and make sure you had refreshing drinks (and plenty of water) to wash away the sickness. You are drinking a lot of fluids, right Roo?

If you were right next door, I would know, right away, if you were doing too much, or if you had some small need that I could take care of. Besides, if you felt up to it, eventually, I could read to you from The House on Pooh Corner, or even from Dante’s Inferno, if you felt like something more intense. But perhaps I would just make sure to have Chopin or Debussy playing softly in the background, so you could travel into a beautiful, long, healing sleep.

Roo, you can sense my distress here, and that is not what I want. More than anything, I want you to know that you are loved, yes, very very loved, and that I will be making my way to you today, to look into your eyes, and to bring you sustenance.

Until then, I am yours with warmth and healing thoughts (energy too if I can manage to find the pathway to send it),

Your Piglette

The visitor


There was an insistent knocking at my door this morning. I sprang up-yes, I know, only Tiggers do that, but I thought it might be you surprising me for a walk in the hundred acre wood. I was completely bamboozled to see (though had I paid attention I would have recognized that energetic knocking sooner) Tigger behind the window. I had taken too long to reach the door, despite my hurrying, and by the time I got there, Tigger was bouncing up and down outside my front window, tap-tap-tapping, urgently of course.

I could not contain my joy, and even opened wide the door knowing exactly what was going to happen. Yes! You guessed it: Tigger sprang in, as he does, and bounced right over and onto my chest. How can such a large tigger feel so light when right on top of my lungs?

Of course he bowled me over with his “hoo hoo hoo hoo,” and captured me with his amazing energy before I could be annoyed at the intrusion. Rabbit would have given him a look you know, but I couldn’t do anything except stare up at him with complete wonder. Isn’t Tigger the best?

Finally, after delighting in each other’s company, we got to talking about you. I told him that we had been hanging out quite often, and he had the most sensitive look I’ve ever seen on his ever-animated face. He actually looked calm, albeit ever so briefly.

Anyway, he had to go, but he really really really wants to walk with us, and soon. If you are available this afternoon, and I’m hoping this letter reaches you in time (I’ve just spoken to Owl, and he promises to deliver this note to you himself as soon as I can finish it), perhaps we can invite Tigger along? Wouldn’t this be a good day to haul out our stilts and unicycles? Can’t you just see how happy Tigger will be?

Do let me know, Roo. You know how impatient I can get.

Yours forever and ever,